Re-Vita Life Wellness Supplements 

While growing old isn’t an option, feeling and looking old is! We offer an array of wellness supplements to help you opt for feeling young and Re-Vitalized!

Health Supplements in Voorhees and Sewell, NJ

Daily Multivitamin (120) tablets

This is a balanced combination of vitamins and minerals that also contains key nutrients, all of which are essential to general health and overall well-being. These tablets contain a natural Vitamin E complex along with complete vitamin A nutrition. In addition, it has both Vitamin K1 and K2 and a complete vitamin B complex and natural vitamin d3 at a dose of 1200ius/serving. The minerals combined with amino acid chelates maximize the vitamins bioavailability while avoiding gastrointestinal discomfort. The dosage form of this iron and copper free daily multiple vitamin is formulated to work best with your supplement regimen. 

Thyroid Stimulator (T150)

(60) veg caps

A combination of kelp and seaweed in a herbal formula that supports healthy thyroid function. Can be used separately or in combination to thyroid medications. It helps to combat obesity. Also helps right mineral deficiency, anemia, and bone loss. Its high fiber content can aid in digestive problems and preventing constipation.

*This product contains iodine. If you have an allergy to iodine or a known seafood allergy please do NOT use this product as it may cause severe allergic reaction.

Focus Promoter (120) veg caps

These capsules contain 600 mg of L-tyrosine, an essential amino acid that stimulates the neurotransmitters dopamine, epinephrine, and norepinephrine which are responsible for mental alertness, ability to focus, concentrate, and enhancing memory. These neurotransmitters also help in the prevention of anxiety and depression. Also included is N-acetyl-l-cysteine for neuronal and antioxidant protection.

Mega Green Tea (60) veg caps

Major antioxidant formula that can decrease inflammation and lower the risk of most cancers, specifically colon, prostate and breast cancer. It increases our metabolic rate and has major fat burning capabilities that can be very effective in weight loss and prevent the risk of type 2 diabetes. It lowers triglycerides and LDL cholesterol. It can improve mental alertness, decreasing the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and cognitive decline. In addition to all of these benefits, Green Tea extract can block 5-Alpha reductase and prevent unwanted facial hair and unwanted hair loss from the scalp.

DIM-Envisions (60) veg caps

DIM (diindolylmethane) protects estrogen-sensitive tissue. Promoting healthy estrogen metabolism while neutralizing unwanted estrogen side effects such as breast tenderness and unwanted uterine bleeding. DIM is also useful in promoting prostate health and preventing BPH (benign prostatic hypertrophy).

Mega D (90) soft gel caps

Contains Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) – This convenient soft gel capsule is excellent for maintaining healthy levels of Vitamin D in the body. A 5,000 mg capsule of Vitamin D can promote cardiovascular health and bone health. It is a mood elevator that prevents cognitive decline while decreasing the risk of all cancers. Having high levels prevents Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, and osteoporosis. Virtually every tissue in your body has a receptor for Vitamin D that requires an adequate level for optimal functioning. This includes the heart and brain, as well as the immune system. Having adequate levels of Vitamin D can help the pancreas function better, which can prevent diabetes and accelerate adequate metabolic control. High levels have been shown to effectively decrease the risk of cancer. You should take your Vitamin D with the meal of the day that contains the most fat, this will increase its absorption and overall effectiveness. 

D-2000 (120) soft gel caps

Contains Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) – This convenient soft gel capsule is excellent for maintaining healthy levels of Vitamin D. A 2,000 mg capsule of Vitamin D can promote cardiovascular health and bone health. It is a mood elevator that prevents cognitive decline while decreasing the risk of all cancers Higher doses may be required for optimal health. However, after reviewing your lab values, this dose may be all that you need to optimize your levels and promote cardiovascular and bone health while lowering your risk of cancer. 

Sleepy Time Forumla (90) tablets

This formula allows for the rapid release of 5 mg of melatonin (the hormone secreted by the pineal gland in the brain). Melatonin helps induce and maintain sleep. It can help fight seasonal affective disorder and help promote a more restful sleep in patients who work shift work. Taking melatonin has also been shown to help fight jet lag. Maintaining normal levels of melatonin has antioxidant and immune system supporting properties. 

DHEA (90) caps

Give your immune system a boost with this powerful anti-aging hormone. DHEA fights stress, decreases risk of depression, helps prevents obesity, diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, and heart disease. It may also increase your energy level and overall sense of well-being.

Green Coffee Bean Extract (90) veg caps

Un-roasted coffee beans are loaded with antioxidants. Chlorogenic acid, its main ingredient, has been shown to boost metabolism and lower blood sugar while increasing the absorption and effective use of carbohydrates and limiting the absorption of unwanted fats. Effective in promoting weight loss and lowering lipids. 

Red Raspberry Ketones (60) caps

Red raspberries contain adiponectin, an adipocyte-specific protein that plays a role in preventing insulin resistance and atherosclerosis. It can mobile fat and lower fat stores especially in unwanted areas such as the abdomen. Decreasing visceral fat plays a crucial role in prevention of heart disease and diabetes.

Biotin 5000 mg (100) caps

Biotin is a B vitamin that plays a key role in the support of healthy skin, hair and nails. It also supports the nervous system and digestive tract increasing metabolism and cellular health. It enhances our energy by effectively making use of carbohydrates and protein. It has lipid lowering properties.

Health Hair Plus (60) veg caps

This unique formula offers protection for the hair follicles by silencing the genetic expression that can lead to unwanted hair loss. It activates support and nourishment for the hair and scalp with the active B vitamin choline while at the same time increasing connective tissue with the essential trace element orthoasilicic acid. This combination works well to naturally nourish the body’s beautifying proteins, forming growth, strength and development of both your hair and nails. Healthy Hair Plus also contains BIOTIN, a key ingredient in enhancement and nourishment of your hair follicle and scalp. Biotin prevents hair loss while fortifying hair strength and thickness.

L-Arginine 700/mg (200) veg caps

A non-essential amino acid that can prevent cardiovascular disease by increasing blood flow through the vessels of the heart. It is a nitric oxide simulator which also increases blood flow in the penis, helping some cases of erectile dysfunction.

5-HTP C 2 (60) tablets

Amino acid that naturally increases production of serotonin, which is the chemical that affects emotion, behavior, appetite, and sleep. Lose weight, sleep well and limit stress with the regular use of 5-htp. 

Thyroid Support Formula

(120) veg caps (T3 Medcaps)

Nutrients and herbs to support healthy thyroid hormone biosynthesis. Ashwagandha and Guggal extract aids in the conversion of thyroxine to Triodothyronine (T4-T3) which make for more efficient hormone production and use. Also aids in helping lower blood lipids. 

Evening Primrose Oil (60) soft gels

Evening primrose oil is a wildflower that contains two essential fatty acids, Omega-6 essential fatty acid and gamma-linolenic acid, which are recommended for their fluid regulating properties. Evening primrose oil has anti-inflammatory properties which make it useful in the treatment of PMS, breast pain, endometriosis, and menopausal hot flashes. 

Nature-Throid* (90) tablets

Desiccated (dried) thyroid, a combination of hormones that are normally produced by your thyroid gland to regulate the body’s energy and metabolism. Desiccated thyroid is given when the thyroid does not produce enough of this hormone on its own. 

* This medication cannot be ordered without a doctor’s approval and only after your thyroid function has been assessed through a laboratory analysis. 

Turmeric Phytosome 500mg

(100) capsules

Curcumin, the active component of turmeric, supports a healthy inflammatory response while providing potent antioxidant activity. Our brand has phosphatidylcholine complex (Phytosome) which aids in the absorption via the GI tract, making it more bio-available than over the counter brands, thus enhancing its profound antioxidative benefits. 

If you have any questions about the supplements we offer, their benefits, or which supplements are best for YOU, call our office or schedule an appointment today!