Hormone Pellet Therapy in South Jersey

Interested in hormone replacement therapy but not sure what a pellet has to do with the process? Here is a comprehensive description of hormone pellets, their benefits, and how you can get started on hormone pellet therapy at ReVita’-Life today!

What Are Pellets?

Pellets are not new. They have been around since the 1930s. They are widely used in England, Australia, and other European countries. They have been extensively studied, and there is more data to support their use than any other method of hormone delivery. Many physicians who practice traditional or conventional medicine are unaware of the overwhelming research and data supporting the use of pellets. Likewise, many physicians do not support bio-identical hormone therapy, simply because they are unaware of the data and studies that have been done. Unfortunately their lack of support has resulted in the compromised health and well-being of many patients.

Pellets are the best and most natural way to deliver hormones for both men and women. They are tiny implants that are placed under the skin. The pellets are made up of estradiol, a bio-identical estrogen, or testosterone. The hormone is derived from a plant-based source and formulated in an accredited compounding, FDA-approved pharmacy. They are fused into very small solid cylinders no larger than a small grain of rice and are kept sterile prior to insertion in a glass vial.

Want to see what a pellet looks like? Watch this informational video on our Re-Vita Life Facebook Page!

The pellets are designed to deliver a consistent healthy and physiologic dose of the hormone over a 4- to 6-month period. Their mechanism of action avoids the fluctuations in delivery (the ups and downs) of every other method of delivery.

The pellets maintain the normal ratio of hormones at all times. This ratio is responsible for optimal health and disease prevention.

Many studies have proven that pellets are superior when compared to conventional hormones for relief of menopausal symptoms, maintaining bone density, restoration of sleep, improvement in sex drive, sexual responsiveness, and performance.

Many patients who have failed other methods of hormone replacement find excellent relief of all their symptoms with pellet therapy.

Pellets are the most convenient means of hormone delivery. The steady state release is also the most physiologic of all replacement therapies available.

Benefits of Bio-Identical Hormone Pellets

  1. Pellets are the only method that allows the body to control the release of hormone. Placing the satellite in the hip allows the body to access the hormones and raise levels when more is needed.
  2. They deliver a very low dose of hormones continuously, around the clock, much like the ovary or testicle.
  3. They release testosterone or estradiol directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the gastrointestinal system and liver.
  4. Pellets are consistently proven to be more effective than oral, injected, or topical methods with regard to sexual function, mood, and cognitive function.
  5. Metabolic function, bone density, and urinary and vaginal problems, lipid profiles, and breast health all can be improved.
  6. For most women, pellets last 3 to 4 months, and  4 to 6 months for most men.
  7. Using any bio-identical treatment in any amount does not guarantee lasting health benefits. It is a lot more complex than that. The method by which the hormone reenters the body and finds its way to the various receptor sites is crucial for overall success.

The delivery method ensures the availability and consistency of the hormone. Pellet therapy enables us to adhere to basic human physiology. The use of low doses of biologically identical hormone mirrors how the human body normally delivers hormones into the bloodstream.

All other methods fall short of the consistency in dosing offered by the pellets.

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