Bio-Identical vs. Synthetic Hormones

Bio-identical hormones are derived from plants. Because of the potential for soy allergies, all bio-identical hormones are now being made from wild yams. These hormones have the exact molecular structure and function of human hormones. Our body recognizes them and does not consider them a foreign substance. Because of this recognition, the hormones are able to bind appropriately and completely to the same receptor sites as human hormones. This complete binding affinity makes it possible for the hormones to create the very same chemical and functional response necessary to ease the symptoms caused by hormonal deprivation. Since the body metabolizes the bio-identical hormones in the very same way as human hormones, there are no unused or unwanted metabolites circulating and accumulating in our bodies. Those unwanted, unrecognizable metabolites could cause harm over time.

The pellet formulas we use are compounded in an FDA-approved lab and a Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board (PCAB)-certified facility. The dose prescribed is meant to deliver the exact hormone levels to meet an individual’s needs based on their personal labs, age, height, weight, and metabolic profile.

When administered properly, bio-identical hormone therapy can be virtually free of side effects and provide vital and anti-aging support to the body’s organs, tissues, and cell structures. They are never mass produced. Their production is fully regulated and extremely safe.

Bio-identical hormone pellets have been available since the 1930s. They have a long history of safety and effectiveness. Since that time, they have been proven to be a healthy alternative to patented drugs. Numerous studies have supported their use and have demonstrated their effectiveness in returning the body to a balance and an overall state of well-being, making them a healthier and safer alternative to pharmaceutical versions.

What Can Bio-Identical Hormone Pellets Do for Me?

  1. Increase energy and vitality
  2. Renew physical and emotional well-being
  3. Enhance libido and increase sexual responsiveness
  4. Decrease body fat
  5. Reduce fatigue and lethargy
  6. Increase mental focus and clarity
  7. Increase memory
  8. Relieve anxiety
  9. Relieve depression
  10. Protect from heart disease
  11. Lower cholesterol
  12. Increase bone density
  13. Prevent cataracts
  14. Reduce risk of colon cancer

Because of these overwhelming health benefits, bio-identical hormones can be a continuous, lifelong therapy.

Synthetic hormones are produced by pharmaceutical companies that specialize in marketing synthetic HRT (unrecognizable mass-produced hormones). Unlike bio-identical hormones, synthetics differ structurally from human hormones. These patented brands may reduce some symptoms, but they cannot restore complete balance for adequate overall health benefits. The molecular dissimilarities prohibit synthetic hormones from communicating with the receptors that control crucial bodily functions. We do not possess the enzymatic response needed to eliminate some of the unwanted metabolites that are the unwanted or leftover byproducts of these chemical counterparts. Over time, these metabolites can cause bodily harm. That is why discontinuing their use within 5 to 6 years of initiating therapy is recommended. Why start something we know we must discontinue? Why take something we know can cause us harm?

Some of the dangerous side effects reported with long-term use of synthetic hormones include:

  1. Increased risk of breast cancers and uterine cancers
  2. Increased risk of heart attack and strokes
  3. Increased migraines
  4. Higher blood pressure
  5. Gallbladder disease
  6. Increased risk of blood clotting

If given a choice, doesn’t it make sense to choose the option that helps to enhance your health and overall well-being?